Observations of the Universe

in the Ultraviolet

A Collaboration between

the Indian Institute of Astrophysics

and Tel Aviv University


The TAUVEX team expresses our deep regret at the failure of the GSAT-4 launch. We have benefited greatly from our association with the GSAT-4 team and have the highest regard for their professionalism and ability to overcome adversity.

TAUVEX Filter wheel assembly

About Tauvex

TAUVEX is an Indo-Israeli Ultraviolet Imaging Experiment that will image large parts of the sky in the wavelength region between 1400 and 3200 Å. The instrument consists of three equivalent 20-cm UV imaging telescopes with a choice of filters for each telescope. Each telescope has a field of view of about 54' and a spatial resolution of about 6" to 10", depending on the wavelength.

TAUVEX is a collaborative effort between the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (PIs: Jayant Murthy and Kameswar Rao) and Tel Aviv University (PIs: Noah Brosch and Hagai Netzer) with the scientific data open to all Indian and Israeli scientists. Further information may be obtained from the P.I.s or by writing to tauvex@iiap.res.in.

TAUVEX mission is currently under reorganization and prevously projected goals and plans may change. TAUVEX Core Group will inform the scientific community as soon as the new mission plans are finalized.

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